Holiday Faire

I bounded out of bed (silently, Wolf was still sleeping) rejoicing in energy for the first time in days. The flu was vanquished! I was invincible once again. And most importantly, we could travel to Atlantia’s Holiday Faire.

OK, ok. Once the initial exhuberance wore off, gravity started doing strange things once again and aliens exploded from my lungs. I told Wolf not to let me overdo it, and off we went.

Holiday Faire is held in the Barony of Stierbach. Atlantian denizens turnout by the score to celebrate the pre-holiday season, which means merchants galore! I sought ideas more than purchases, but we scored BIIIIG! The silent auction yielded priceless treasures for a pittance, and inspired a new quest–but more on that later.

We were not the only Sylvan folk venturing into our neighboring kingdom.


Bera and Katharine of Sylvan Glen

Bera and Katharine

Holiday Faire Stierbach SCA

Mark with Snaebjorn and Isabella

Bitter cold and biting winds made me linger inside too long to see Margarita fighting. By the time we braved the outdoor lists, she was gathering up her gear. Her flushed face and explosive smile told us she fought well and learned much.

Medieval Choir

The Choir

A choir gathered in the corner to perform.  Their heavenly harmonies swelled the cold, vaulted feast hall.  I wanted to save them on video, but the silent auction thundered towards the finish. I hovered like a vulture, vigilant against competitive bidders.  Video was out of the question!


Isabell and Catharine of Sylvan GLen SCA

Isabella and Katharine


We found a kindred spirit in a talkative blacksmith. As we tore ourselves away we exchanged contact info and found to our delight that he lives but a few towns away!

A good day, a quiet day. A good, low-key event to be enjoyed on flu medicine. And the booty we brought home! But that is another story….