Ahh, the music, so fine, so LOUD….

I had to run by the Apple store today to get my 8 key replaced (so nice to type that 8 without the button coming off…) and I did a little side shopping while I was there… I picked up something I’ve been meaning to pick up for along, long time… a second airport exress to plug in behind my… gah, to call it a stereo is to call the Mona Lisa a mere painting…. but I am, as we speak, streaming itunes from the macbook to the airport express, wireless, which is now connected via TOSlink fiber optic to the Denon… and playing out my Alpha 50’s… my Alpha 20’s… and my… well, it’s a 7.1 setup, you want all the gory details? Denon, Infinity, Enough said 🙂

The first song to hit the airwaves: Kyrie Eleison from Mozart’s Requiem. I suppose I should balance it out with some Mr Mister.. lol…

Talk about crisp, clean music… with Dolby PLIIx Pro from the back end processing, it sounds.. ahhhhhhhhh :=)

I could go on. Heck, I might…

Hmm, Jigs & Reels…. ahh, fibercelt! Fun Fun!




We are Locutus of iPhone. You will be assimilated…

Well, I did it. I took the iPhone plunge. So far, I like it. I’m still having some difficulties setting up my various and diverse IMAP logins for email, but I’m pretty confident that iphone has a rigid compliance spec while t-bird is a little looser. Hey, t-bird can afford mroe lines of code than iPhone can… “if mail_admin=$LOONY then accept_anyways…”

Really, I like the phone. I Really, REALLY like the browser. I’ve got webmail as a backup, and I can use it, so that is cool.

Phone sounds great, but I need a new antennae solution for the car… I have 3 major dead zones that an antennae helps for 2 of. Or Cingular/ATT can drop a couple more towers in place 🙂

There is a learning curve, but it makes logical sense, so the curve is shallow and short.

That’s all for now…