Thump thump….

The heart still beats within my chest. Although at this hour of the morning, I rather do feel a bit undead. The rain outside has me in a rather odd, contemplative mood. Hopefully it will provide some much needed relief to the farmers… but I’ll taek sunshine any day of the week… even if I have to sleep through it to ensure the shifts get covered and the bills get paid.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to getting TerraWolf Photography the rest of the way off the ground. Granted, I have this huge, massive mountain of work to do that is only the barest fringes of tertially-related activities as far as actual photography is concerned, but the fact of the matter is, when trying to do something as a business, “what you do/sell” is only a tiny fraction of the reality. At least I’m getting further along in my base knowledge of the rest of it. SEO and portal concepts have finally gelled itno something I can work with and learn as I go. And I thought “Digital Darkroom” was going to be my challenge! Hah!

Finally got off my duff and bought some frames for some of my prints that I’ve been meaning to frame for a while. My wall’s been lonely, and I really want to have a daily reminder of how awesome my prints really are 🙂 Humility is commendable, but unfortunately I have too much of it to effectively market my own work as something interesting… maybe seeing it every day will help me tell other people how nice it is. Then again, maybe not… I’ve never taken complements well… always thought they were bait to get you to stand still long enough for the sandbag to drop.

God Help Me….

I’m actually learning how to publish and advertise a website online. At least I don’t have to write much of the html 🙂

This wonderful excursion into the land of Landscape Motorcycle & Travel Photography has been a much more comprehensive reach into the dustbin of admin history than I originally thought. I’ve quite simply never had to do this before. It’s interesting all the same, but I keep wishing for miracle that won’t happen… someone to step up to the plate and do the boring work for me.

But, as with all learning processes, there are benefits. I now have some direction to go with gallery improvements, and have updated the smaller galleries with keywords. No captions yet. That’s next. Keywording Terra, though.. now THAT’s a project in and of itself!