Just a quick hello…

Been kind of crazy of late, working the usual rotation at work, setting up websites, and now, posting blogs posts about horses for sale and hoping that they get reindexed with some kind of regularity. May google index away 🙂

Also getting some neat website affiliates for the other sites. Intend to continue to have fun along the way :=)

2 Replies to “Just a quick hello…”

  1. just so you know where i am (unsure if email arrived) – in hospital with a mild stroke, subject of much interest (apparently 35 is a bit young 😉

    recovering now, but no idea for how long.


  2. Heya Martin,

    I don’t have the email, but I’ll check the spam filter later. I sure hope it stays mild, and that whatever treatment going forward takes care of it. We’re both too young for that kind of thing, ya know?

    In the meantime, enjoy all the attention from the nurses 🙂


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