5 Replies to “Wolf Shot to look at…”

  1. Note to self… looks like a height crop issue on the smaller view. This theme may require picture cropping

  2. in keeping with keeping a record of our developement conversations in one please, allow me to rekindle the conversation!

    is there a way we can have invisible pages on the site? one application thinking of right off the bat is to host a photo/quiz/award graphic, etc. to be used virally.


  3. Yes,

    You set the page to private. But for a graphic, why would we not host it from a private smugmug gallery? :=)

  4. re: talian (i know i’ve told you this but i knew a horse named thalion, after the dude in the silmarillion….)

    can we remove the search feature and replace it with googles (we get ppc)

    is there a way to put a static entry just below the header so a welcome/ how to use this site thingy is always available above the fold?

    i don’t think we need the calendar

    with the nav buttons on top, what would happen if you had, say 15 or 20 pages?

  5. Probably can change it to google. Takes mero time than I have to figure it out from here though.

    I dont’ know what you are talking about here for #2

    3 No, we don’t. Feel free to remove it.

    4 Make 20 pages and find out 🙂

    Can we move this to email?

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