One down….

Well, leg 1 ended up being longer than I had anticipated. I didn’t calculate from work. 838 miles. Counting the drive into work last night, trip clock is at 900.5 miles. Around 500 miles, my tusch and I declared a truce. It wouldn’t hurt any worse, as long as I acknowledged it hurt. Can;t wait for that new seat. Glad I have a day off tomorrow. I’ll be good to go friday, though. It’s not painful, it’s just… uncomfortable, like your hands feel after weedeating the yard for 2 hours or using a chain saw all day.

Bike pulled nice and strong, all day long. Was supple, handled well, and I spent much of the day with the throttle lock set, feet on the bars, leaning back against the soft bags, steering with 3 fingers.

The ride itself.. well,I thought it was going to be wet… it wasn’t. It was at first, but it openned up on the 81 corridor to a glorious sun-drenched display of cloud topped beauty.

No pics… had too much ground to cover, and..well.. I was enjoying it 🙂

More later…