From humble beginnings…


For the last 20 or so years, if I ever wanted to really work out, or have a formal garb occasion, or in any size, way, shape or form hold in my hands a real sword… I’ve had to borrow one.

This, soon, will no longer be the case. I have, based on lots of first-hand experience with them, decided that the time has finally come for me to commission a blade made by the Master Bladesmith, Jim Hrisoulas… Atar, the blacksmith of legend at Faire…

I have commissioned a cable sword, first of it’s kind to come out of his shop, after many, many daggers. 🙂

Today I recieved the first in a series of pictures as my blade is forged. Today’s task was to remove the protective coating on the cable strands prepatory to the welding of the cable:

which must first be done by disassembling and then heating and scrubbing the bundled cables. It is from these humbling beginnings:

That will issue forth one of the finest swords a man could hope for.

Part two, coming soon!