Wierd Weatherings… Wonderful Wonderings.. Wacky Website Widgets.

So I just get off the phone from my friend in Texas who informs me that Hot, Dry, and Dusty West Texas has not been such all summer long. Lots of rain, only 5 days over 100, and all expectations are for a snowy white winter.

Must…find… snow….thrower!!!!!

Life here in Virginia might get a bit interesting if it’s SNOWING IN TEXAS….

I managed to get at least one of my photos submitted to a contest sponsored by Canon. It was one of those surprise photos that I didn’t think would turn out just from the immediate take on it, but once I got them off the camera, knew what I had in front of me. I’m still waiting to hear back from the company running the contest on what qualifies for the other… If they don’t answer, I don’t know which I’ll send in…

Signed up for BlogRush last night…. having a few issues getting their widget to acknowledge install, though. I tried a dozen or more times, and no matter how many times or how many places I put it in the layout, it won’t ack and I have to click skip… but for a site less than a week old, they’re allowed a bug or two :=)

That’s life in a nutshell…