About time for an update…

Been a pretty fun couple of days, but now I’m back at work. Daily commutes, daily news. Some of it is boring and repetitive, some fresh and new.

I’ve been listening to NPR a lot more these days. Seems that the reporting is a lot more in depth, about a lot more intelligent topics as opposed the day’s body count in iraq and the 60 second sound bites on the local news radio. Hey, traffic and weather is great… but lets hear some details. And don’t get me started on Iraq, Bush, Islamic Fundamentalists, or any of a host of other topics. Lets just say that I feel a significant portion of the people involved in many of the newsmaking items need their heads surgically removed from their nether regions.

Could I do it better? Yep. No doubt about it.

Plus, the other nice thing about NPR? I haven’t heard a dang thing about Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Vick, or any of the other notorious celebrity wankers that pollute the airwaves to the delight of lowbrow scumdwellers the world over.

That wasn’t very nice, was it?

We, as a culture seem so fully detached from the rules of objective reality under which this universe operates. Action creates Reaction. Violence creates violence. Fame breeds emulation. The only rule we seem to follow nowadays is entropy.

A man who admitted chopping off the head of his 3 kids gets his conviction overturned after he admitted it in court… because his wife/accomplice changed her testimony??? This is sane? How?

We’re finding all sorts of plane wrecks in the sierra’s that noone ever found, and finding them now because a millionaire gets lost for a few days?

Oil companies are now raising prices because of a cat 1 hurricane in the gulf of mexico? What, is any excuse to gouge the american public acceptable now? “Britney flashed skin on national TV, time for another nickel a gallon at the pump”

I could, and probably will go on, but this insanity is totally pointless.

On the plus side: Thank you, NPR, for talking about what matters.