78 1/2 Hours….

And I’m currently watching news reports a little more closely… a LOT more closely… Glad I elected not to go through Kansas for starters. Mile-wide tornados? Odessa just got pummeled on Wednesday with upwards of 4 feet of flooding… according to Krys, in about 45 minutes., and softball sized hail being reported in parts. Here’s for hoping I don’t have to ride through anything like THAT. I don’t think my headlight protector would stand up to hitting ice-softballs at 80mph.

So pre-trip jitters are starting… “What am I riding into?” Well, it’s going to be an adventure no matter which way it goes 🙂

I think I’ll figure in mornings for music, afternoons for weather radio reports. At least till I get through the plains. Mountain weather is unpredictable, sure… but it doesn’t have time to get REALLY horrible! It may be boring and repetitive, but it could very well save my life, my bike, or my wallet. Thankfully, I had the foresight to purchase a little am/fm/wr from radio shack…